Raj Manickam

My images range in subject from the environment to human interest depiction. These images are often partnered with essays that tell even more of the narratives. I often find the engagement between the image through composition and honest storytelling; I do this in a written photo-essay format online. Fundamentals of fine art, abstract, storytelling, and deep awareness emerge in a variety of my frames.

My photography starts with the art of observation. The act of observation comes from paying attention to one’s environment. I’m using that element of the witness consciously. My photos are my voice first. After it leaves my lens and shows up on a screen or paper, it becomes, or may then be, someone else’s voice and interpretation.

I use my eastern culture’s rich language and over two decades of western point-of-view to draw in my viewers and tell a uniquely framed story. All in good light!

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Raj Manickam
All in Good Light
All in Good Light - Raj Manickam
We live in a world that values speed and technology. Yet, as a photographer and artist, I crave a slower pace with a focus on nature and storytelling with my work. I’m drawn to everyday life and objects – whether it’s my own shell collection or finding out what others treasure in their lives. I see a special beauty and value in these objects of our past and the craftsmanship of those who still work with their hands. After a career in public relations, I’m searching for an emotional connection in my photography. While so many photographers have moved on to digital cameras, I’ve stayed with film and the darkroom. There’s something special about the film process that slows you down not only when shooting but also in the darkroom. Using a Hasselblad medium format camera, each of my silver gelatin photographs are hand-printed using archival darkroom techniques.
Raj Manickam - All in Good Light

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